What's your favourite word? :) Everyday life and customs


да, наверно, не знаю🙂

"comfortable" if you say this wrong, you get come for table 🙂

duts 🙂


The mine is "Putain". I disadvise learning this word because it is a French swearword. I say that when i'm surprised or something make me angry.

my favo word is LOVE

Fabulous and hastalavista

Right now my word is "pineapple". I don't know why. Before it was "puppets". I also had "réminiscence" (French word).

Moi=Hi in Finnish; Makedonski=Macedonian in Macedonian; Talg=Snow in Arabic egyptian; Efharistó=thank you in Greek; Hai=Yes in Japanese and Azul=Blue in Spanish. 🙂

In Polish language I like the most old fashioned words or rarely use, for example "nicpoń", "chwacko" (that mean: "scamp", "bravely"). I think old polish words sound cool 🙂
In English my favourite word recently is "puppy".

food 😆


i love to say "chic", it's a very old-fashioned word, it means something like "cool" but people used to say it in the fourties i think. The word i use the moste is "genre" because i litterally say it evry ten seconds... it means "like", but it makes me sound quite stupid saying it at every sentence, i'm trying to stop 🙂

I must say: It's hard to answer. We have a lot of words in Poland (jak zapewnie wiesz, Joanno 😉 ) I think all of Polish words are beutiful, especialy for people who don't say polish.
Cielęcina - it means veal xD I like this sound :3
Kocham Cę ( I love you)

I love the sound of scandinavian languages, sometimes they just sound so cute xD
At the moment one of my favorite words is "plutselig"which is norwegian and means suddenly but as I'm working with children my most used sentence might be "N'importe quoi" (what ever) ;D

Parangaricutirimicuaro, in english Parangaricutirimicuaro, jaja, i love it, it´s a funny word