What's your favourite word? :) Everyday life and customs


hippopotamus!! i love this word and not the animal!!!😛

phrase "carpe diem" , but if the word only, then "itadakimasu" (in Japanese)

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It'a actually "Bazinga" <3

Perú ♥♥


English: always (special) and delicate
Italian: nessuno
French: non
Latin: nihil
Macedonian: drsko (outrageously)
... many more in different languages.

happiness 😃

Chagrin. I do not know why, but it sounds great to me 🙂

Legendary 😛


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mamba.. the black mamba... the snake 😛

the word weird is weird.. especially when foreigners say it 🙂

Sunny, soleggiato in Italian


it's Rheum (plant)


마지막(majimak) in korean. Mean "last"


Lovely 🙂