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Has anyone ever heard about LARP????

Yeah, it's a bit weird but just fantastic. And a bit mad too

I love cycling, climbing, ping pong, rock and metal music (like Queen, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Toto and Marilyn Manson), reading, writing, drawing, photography, movies and tv series (my favorite are Scrubs, The Mentalist and Gilmore Girls), videogames and travel. 🙂

i like to listen music, skating, and sing in japanesse

My hobbies are taking photo's, reading, watch movies or series and i love horse-riding 🙂

Lol, indeed a long answer to this question is unlikely anyone will read, so I will try to briefly describe my hobbies. In addition to the activity on the forums located hopes that I still stop every day frantically open the site to find someone at least not as stupid as those who surround me now.

Ranking component?)

1. Chess. Yes I Am. But this is more than just a hobby. This mania already - to play with someone. And the outcome of the game is not important, the main thing - the struggle of minds, which is always interesting. Is there willing to play?: D

2. Programming and everything associated with IT

Flew Windows, does not work something on your computer, or you need advice? Can safely contact me about these issues. What's that, and electronics and device I know inside out: D

How to completion.

3. Physics and all of its destinations, except for those that are studied in regular schools and do not give food for thought.

Botan? May be. But so far no one has complained about that to me is boring. At least, there are many topics of conversation, and it's just something I like to do in your spare time. Interested, or have any questions? Write!

Damn, I'll put it as part of the resume lol: D

All the best from Ukraine 😁

watching animes
reading novels and mangas
wacthing documentaries and tv series
hanging around with friends
learning asian culture (japanese, chinese mostly)

i'm already an elder man xD.

Hanging out with mates? Really? Guys be more creative, it isn't even a hobby 😛

My hobbies:
watching movies
dancing (HipHop)
I'm really interested in Greek and Roman mythology
painting and drawing
And probably more 😉

Playing music (synthesizer, guitar, drums, feadog) and singing
Studying languages

I've got lots of hobbies as going to cinema, reading all types of books (epcept pink romances). I need to go out and walk, riding bike etc. gardening relax me, painting is my life and sometimes I like to write something quite "existential".
Now I want to learn how to play guitar!!!!

i really like working with metal and wood
im now building a little steam train on a wheel base of 7 1/4 inch
i wanted to send a photo of my latest creation but i cant place it here.
other than that i like party'ng (i love the genre Hardcore)
next to that i want to work by my local fire department (but i got rejected)
mayby we can mail to each other?
let me know if you want.
greeting from holland

My hobbies are writing (stories en poems), painting, acting, drawing...
Just everything creatife. 🙂

Reading books,
Listening to music,
Talking with friends on phone or meet them,
Playing the piano

Heeey! Walking, singing, playing ukulele, jogging, yoga, cooking, math, movies, travelling(but its too expensive yet), reading sometimes, drawing sometimes.

The only one is dancing for me

Going to gym three times a week, photos

K-pop (or listening to music in general)
Learning languages (currently Korean)
Random awkward-looking dancing
Walking in the nature (while playing Pokémon Go)
Reading (books or mangas)