French P.S. im not so good Français

and the guinness record for 7 posts in a row goes to.....




congratulations , noone could have done it better.

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😁😁 so...your kind of a smart.ass XD

You love our ass? Or I have not understood oO

I am a English speaker looking to improve my French!
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I am an assistant clinical psychologist living in Manchester, England.

People describe me as a male Phoebe Bouché (From Friends) and I think they are accurate!

I have started Advanced French classes for 10 weeks.

General adrenaline junkie... Fast cars, Loud music, Rollercoasters & Black Coffee. I love travel, languages, creative writing and keeping fit. Could be found at Cafes writing my book. My friends are like my unconventional family.


Add me on Skype: MrTaureau
Follow me on Twitter: MrTaureau