November '08 ~Who do you think should be the Democratic party nominee? Politics and governments

Hi all
I want Hillay. She would be the first Female president in the US. I have seen her speeches and read her manifesto. I support her. But I think, Obama will win the race of the white house. There are still some chances for Hillary. Obama seem offensive while Hillary is sensitive and intelligent. She accpets her mistakes and rectify them. In short, Americans should support to Hillary. Definately, she will bring US good image back.

I'm not from The United States, anyways I'm in favor of Obama.
I think he'd be a good political change for US. ´cause the present government *ahem* you know.
It's not a secret that the US is an influential country and some of its things have an effect on other countries, for instance, in South America...

well, somebody presented his point to me the other day. Obama is still young and can still learn a thing or two before being president, i mean he still has time to develop his political career. He can be president (perhaps a better president that he'd be now) later. Hillary, on the other hand, has more experience being a president (ha ha) and has a politically more mature age.

His ideas are modern and he understands the problems that are facing young Americans and old Americans alike. The US is done with Clinton-Bush, we are ready for a complete change.
I agree, in fact I truly believe he is the best candidate right now. To me, what is really surprising is this new (to me at least) search for solutions in a much more liberal ground from, not politicians but the rest of the people of the U.S. I'm not sure what his foreign policies (other than the War in Iraq ones) are like, though. And those are the ones that affect Latin America directly. Do you know what they sound like, sorta?

ok its done clintn droped out vedlen cose this topic up please

I know this was 11 years ago, but neither. I am republican and conservative.

yinyang I've been watching the news even though it doesn't excactly pertain to me because I am Canadian. But, I love for there to be a female president. Even though the Canadian Female president wasn't the best. 🙂 yinyang
Although it would be pretty cool, I think Clinton's plans are like communism...Good on paper, but not so hot in real life.
(No offense.)
Yeah, people just think of "free" things when they think of it. But it doesn´t actually work, and people don´t see that.


I agree totally, Snowdayk!

Joe Biden