• 8m
  • Personal skills

    My favourite things to do are: reading, running, and horseriding. I also like animals, playing music.( Guitar, and flute.) To be creative: drawing, and handlettering. When you will write with me, we can also talk about these things, and your favourite things to do, what you do on a day!! I al very interesstic in your life!!

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I read a lot. Especially books with a lot of content, eg I alm nog reading a book about the history of Suriname. I also find books interessant that have depth, for example about abortion, ethical questions. I am a Christian, so I read a lot of Christian books. I find it interesting to talk to my penpal-gate about my faith and other religions...

  • My interests in other cultures

    I am very interestic about other cultures, how look your country, what are the special things in your country? What do you beliefe/relegion? (Special New-Zeland, I am very , very interessant in that life!) but I am also interesstic in other country's, for example: Australia, Africa, curacau, Iseland, America( and than specialy Canada😃😀😄) it doesn't matter where you came from!!