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    Daniel Weathers

    Hi, I wish to know people better on different levels and learn to let others help me along. I hope you are a life-long pen-pal for me. I think snail-mail has a special touch. I'd like to start sharing through the post. I'd like to travel and meet good friends and live happy. I am from America. I like trying new foods but I never got to travel much. I hope I have more to say if we become friends. I am bored at home and I don't talk because I am shy. But I like chatting with people online who care about me. If we become friends will you not abandon me? What's most difficult about making friends is finding they and I don't share things in common and having to  let them go. I may feel grief after getting to know someone a little, but they leave me with a pearl to keep and to let grow with me.  Some know it is time to brake off an unsuitable friendship by leaving in silence from someone they can't say goodbye to.

    I have a challenge for you :
    I will be completely honest ... you can ask me ONE question. Any question, no matter how crazy, sinister, or wrong it is. I will answer no matter what. You have my full honesty, but I dare you to put this on your profile and see what questions you get.