• Something to tell the world!

    Hey stranger, my name is Andrea! I am from Spain but I currently live in Norway. I am a pretty average person with a quite so boring life. Therefore I like to try new things every now and then to try to spice it up. Examples are tasting new foods, ordering random stuff on the Internett when I’m bored and making a lifetime goal of learning 10 languages before I ascend to heaven. This time I have decided to look for penpals to chat about about everything and nothing. I am open to everyone, I don’t bite, so feel free to send a message 😉

    I would like to think that I am friendly, dangerously sarcastic and a pessimist/realist. I like to exaggerate my words just for fun or a dramatic effect and I have a subtle humor.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Sadly I have not visited a lot of places but for my defense I have only started life:
    Barcelona, Spain
    Paris, France
    Marseille, France
    London, Britain
    Dublin, Ireland
    Rome, Italy
    Trondheim, Norway
    Krakow, Poland

  • My interests in other cultures

    I believe I am not the only one when I say that I find different cultures from my own very interesting. I myself have been raised by two cultures. From my father’s side I have my Spanish culture and from my mother’s I have my Ghanaian culture.

    One of the easiest and fun things I like to learn about cultures are the foods that are connected to that culture. Because not only can you do your research online but you can also have a taste of the culture yourself

    I'm also interested in languages and I want to master as much as possible. It’s a challenge and it will take it’s time but I believe the reward is worth it 👌✌️

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    Food, like the other day I tried to make a vegan hot crispy chicken burger because why not, and I failed miserably because one; I am an amateur chef and two; I did not have everything from the ingredient list.

    Other thing I like to talk about are series and movies like maybe marvel’s cinematic universe.

    History - tragedies, wars and empires. I am a sucker for the Roman Empire, absolute love it.

    Stuff around the world, random news can sometimes be amusing to talk about too, we can talk about anything it really does not matter ❤️